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I have always been making some kind of craft.  After the paper
jewelry fad was over and the Olympics were coming to Atlanta, so
I wanted to make something that represented the South. I tried
working with peanuts; however they cracked and became moldy.
One morning after breakfast I was trying to remove the left-over
grits from the pan and I thought, ‘Why Not’?  That is how the grit
pieces came about.  My friend the late Bill Deibler helped me
create the first grit pieces.

The Grit pieces have come a long way since the Olympics, with
more designs and even the formula is different.

I now use cookie cutters for the molds, however, before my dad
passed away he would make me molds.  He once used the lid of
his snuff can to make me an apple mold.  He could make
anything with his hands.  I do a lot of special orders, some are
really a challenge, but rewarding.  Creating new designs is

About the Grit Lady:

I retired from teaching after thirty seven years.  I currently work with
flowers and other crafts.  I am the oldest of four girls.  I have been
married to my loving husband for thirty seven years and he is my
greatest critic.  If he likes it, I know it is good.  We have one
beautiful daughter named Kelly.  

My daughter and my Dad are my heroes.  My mother is 88 and
resides in Pennsylvania and looks forward to visit to help me
paint the grits.   I make all of the grit pieces myself by hand, except
when my mother comes down she assists me with the painting.  I
have five close friends that look forward to helping me with my big


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Important Links:

National Grits Festival - Warwick, Georgia

World Grits Festival - St. George, South Carolina
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